Company Profile


Teleparadigm Networks delivers software and IT services to clientele across the globe under service models that are unparalleled in the industry. Our domain expertise has been acquired through close coupling with early stage and more mature startups who are innovating in telecom, mobile applications including iPhone and Android, healthcare systems integration, end-to-end Web 2.0 applications, cloud-based applications, and e-Learning systems. Projects range from small proof-of-concept work to large-scale enterprise solutions, to assisting customers in establishing subsidiaries in India. We also offer a BOT model which gives full control over resources to our customers. We are comfortable in transferring our trained and experienced employees to our customers when they opt to create their own subsidiary in India. It is a preferred model of choice amongst many of our existing customers.


Teleparadigm was established in 2004, by founder and CEO, Mr. Neil Gogte, with headquarters in Hyderabad, India, spanning 7000 sq. feet of office space with state-of-the-art infrastructure, as well as offices in Pune. Previously, Mr. Gogte headed the Indian subsidiary of Leapstone Systems, New Jersey, a communications software provider acquired by Motorola in 2007. With over 25 years of experience in IT development and training, he is renowned in the region for developing an educational ecosystem that nurtures bright minds towards gainful contributions to real-world engineering problems. He has remained hands-on by personally training more than 70,000 professionals in his famed lectures till date. He owns 2 engineering colleges that produce 1000 engineers annually, 2 finishing schools, and an online e-learning venture. He works with his teachers to carefully identify talented engineering students and encourages those graduates to apply for positions at Teleparadigm.

Our core strengths are rooted in our company’s relationship with the educational infrastructure. The selective, finishing schools attract aspiring graduates from all local engineering colleges, and produce 200 top class graduates yearly. We have access to intimate knowledge of each graduate’s track record, so we can hire the best. The infrastructure also allows us to scale up hiring for a project quickly and reliably. Our employees have access to educational resources to stay current, and benefit from opportunities to work on challenging, world-class projects in a familiar environment of peers and highly experienced project managers. As a result, we see significantly lower staff attrition, greater employee satisfaction, and lower costs than prevalent in the software services industry. In a knowledge-based industry, this academic ecosystem provides unique and peerless differentiation.

Track Record

We have supported 50 clients as of January 2010, including a billion dollar, public telecom firm. We have worked on 1.8 million lines of code in most leading programming languages.

Teleparadigm takes pride in its quality of hiring, transparency, fast adoption of new technologies, strong coupling with customers as requirements evolve, meeting delivery deadlines, willingness to explore beyond technological horizons, and in providing excellent value to our customers. We have even hosted customer representatives locally for months for closer interactions. Our existing customers are all reference accounts, unless they requested stealth contracts.