Client Testimonials

  • Raja Narayan
    Project Manager
    ADTRAN, Inc.

     The Teleparadigm team is a group of energetic individuals. All the design, development and support were performed by the Teleparadigm team. They are easy to get along with and are extremely good in following up on issues. They were able to take on a established code base and enhance it and provide support to the customer without having a lot of help from the original developers. Turnaround time for some issues took a minimum of 24 hours.

    Their ability to prototype the GUI screens before actual development was extremely useful in design and providing early feedback. They quickly grasped the concept of object modeling before coding. They also adapted to the use of a data driven model which minimizes the time to deliver a new line card. The team is quite nimble in adapting the original LMS code to manage other ADTRAN platforms maintaining the same look and feel.

  • Krishna Vedula
    Professor, Dean Emeritus and Special Assistant to Provost for International Partnerships, Office of Academic Affairs,
    University of Massachusetts Lowell

    Executive Director
    Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE)

     When I visited Neil�s engineering college in 2008 after 2008 FLI, Neil�s enthusiasm and his demo of their in-house e-learning platform made us to believe in their process. Neil's vision and experience gave us confidence to associate with Teleparadigm Networks. A detailed proposal from the team indicated professional competence and On-site delivery efficiency showed good performance.

    The entire product was as per our expectations. SmarteLearn�s unique features like quick integration of video with presentation (PPT slides), intuitve UI enhanced the learning experience of students and teachers. I strongly recommend Teleparadigm Networks to others for their dynamic leadership; efficient and professional team; unique and versatile technology and product development skills and customer oriented service.

  • Nandini P.Narula

     The team is very committed and work extremely hard to ensure that things were done to my satisfaction. Teleparadigm has a group of smart and quick learners who care about the quality of the user experience which was very valuable. It is clear to me that Teleparadigm does not think of GreenMango as just another project, but as a project that they are deeply vested in and committed to. When we planned to launch of our redesigned site within a short notice, the team did an excellent job in managing our graphics team and in supporting us with the server issues we had. Thanks to Prakash and his team in executing all of the requirements and addressing any problem areas to develop our final product within the anticipated timeline.

  • Mark T Holbert

     Did a great job and made sure everything was completed as required. The team did everything exactly how I wanted to and even showed me new things I didn't know I needed. Would definitely work again.

  • Dino Vilimek

     This was my second project with Teleparadigm, and just like the first project, I was very happy with the end product. They does a great job anticipating your needs and interpreting your asks. The project manager is always patient with my unpredictable schedule, yet responsive when I do contact him. A real pleasure working with him. During RFP phase, the project manager demonstrated his enthusiasm for taking on the role, and brought that energy with his team as work progressed. The team was attentive to my detailed asks, and was responsive even when I couldn't be. I look forward to working with this provider again.

  • Jim Haas
    Haas Publications

     Teleparadigm Network's iphone team is Excellent! They are great to work with. They are very professional and friendly. The project manager has given much input on our projects that we have benefited from his ideas. We hope to keep working with the team on various projects for the long term! Teleparadigm Networks will be an asset to your business if you work with them.

  • Joshua Howland
    LiftGames Ltd

     I would recommend this team to my closest of friends. I have every intention of coming back and working with them again. They developed 4 applications and a website for me. Working with them has been a pleasure. They also are great at fixing bugs. Some of the apps had bugs, but even after I had paid them, they helped me get rid of the bugs. Also, with the release of iPhone 4.0, some of the apps needed to be tweaked in order to work. Even though I had already paid them for the project, they guaranteed their work, and promised to make the apps work on the newest version. I am very impressed with Teleparadigm and Gaurav. If you are looking for a sweet team, value for your money, this is the team for you!

  • Roberto Licardo
    IRL solutions

     The iPhone team once again has done a terrific job. This was delivered in time and in perfect accordance to requirements; quality of work above expectations. We hadn't yet finish the project that I have assigned them another task! Very advisable to work with this team!

  • Erik Andershed
    Clay ltd

     I have been working with the team in Teleparadigm Networks for some time now. And the team feeling I get when I work with them are exceptional. Every time I get the final project delivered its amazing how high standard they have. Exactly in my taste!

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