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Teleparadigm offers a wide range of services ranging from profiled offshore programming teams to IT consulting, development of custom business applications, software products/services, and to a smaller extent, legacy code maintenance.

Our excellence lies in targeted domain expertise and associated technical know-how with core differentiation in our talent management advantage and the BOT advantage.

Domain Expertise

Details of all domain expertise are covered under portfolio section.

Our main areas of deep domain expertise are:

  • Telecom software especially, network management
  • Healthcare enterprise application integration (EAI)
  • N-Tier Web 2.0 applications in finance and healthcare. Comprehensive solutions that are database-driven, and with focus on a high quality user experience
  • Mobile applications – iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Symbian
  • E-Learning platform

Technical Expertise

Teleparadigm has written industrial strength software in many of the popular programming languages and APIs. In addition, our academic setting coupled with senior management, facilitates fast training of developers on new technologies and domains. It is imperative to us that our innovative customers receive value from the get-go.

We have deep development experience and expertise in

  • Java
  • J2EE, including Spring/Hibernate and Struts
  • Microsoft.NET
  • PHP
  • Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR
  • Adobe FMS, Adobe LCCS
  • WebServices
  • Amazon Cloud APIs
  • RIA Web 2.0 – HTML, CSS, Javascript/AJAX
  • iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Brew and Symbian APIs
  • CMS - Drupal,Joomla,Wordpress
  • MySQL 5, MS SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11i

We have also written production-level code in

  • Java/J2EE
  • C/C++
  • C# and VB.NET including ASP.NET
  • .NET Compact Framework

We have a core R&D team which is responsible for keeping abreast of the latest technologies, absorbing generic domain knowledge from active projects, and disseminating the knowledge gathered to new project teams. We are comfortable in ramping up the number of engineers required for prospects quickly and would welcome the opportunity to apply our knowledge in real-world projects.

To stay current and versatile, we are actively training curious engineers in the following technologies.

  • HTML5
  • Facebook APIs
  • Open GL (for iPhone applications)
  • Embedded Systems Testing
  • SCORM compliance
  • SAP Integration Testing

HR Advantage


In a country where demand for quality graduates is greater than supply, many abuses in the educational system have led to a lower quality of graduates. Our roots are in a carefully controlled educational infrastructure, which allows us to hire reliable engineering graduates, particularly from the finishing schools. Instead of relying on company-sponsored training, they pay for attending these schools – a sign of their self-motivated aspirations.

While a selective number of students in the finishing schools come from our CEO’s engineering colleges, many also come from all the other regional engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh (the state). They are looking to acquire domain expertise, technology specialization, and gain greater credibility as graduates from the finishing schools. These hires are sufficiently trained in specific domains and technologies to hit the ground running.

Teleparadigm has access to track records and teacher references of our hires from entry into college in their late teens, or from entry through the tough admissions program at the finishing school. In addition, our HR department conducts another stringent admissions exam to hire engineers.

Our teams have a healthy balance of experience and stability from senior professionals and enthusiasm from bright minds. We hire more senior engineers and project managers from external recruitment and promote top performers internally to leadership positions.

Customers who choose the BOT model, are welcome to conduct direct interviews with applicants, screened by Teleparadigm.

Our hiring advantage translates into an unparalleled BOT Advantage.


Fresh graduates and more experienced employees are continuously challenged and given opportunities to learn and grow. Given our focus on providing services to innovative startups, they are exposed to new and exciting technologies and take pleasure in applying their academic knowledge to solve real-world problems. Through our educational infrastructure and regular re-training programs on emerging technologies, our employees can keep their skills current.

Through regular appraisals and constant mentorship, we identify top performers and encourage them to take on leadership roles as designers, architects, and project managers.

As a result, Teleparadigm sees significantly lower attrition as compared with the SW services industry average at 15-20%.

BOT Advantage

Our hiring advantage allows us to offer unprecedented flexibility in offering a build-operate-transfer service model. Check out a detailed description of this preferred mode of service by many mid-size and more mature startups at The BOT Advantage.

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