Teleparadigm has acquired domain expertise in delivering a comprehensive, enterprise solution for healthcare organizations, giving visibility to patient and clinical data across organizations, while maximizing healthcare resource utilization.

We are confident in delivering total solution for integrated data visibility such as in:

  • EMR. Functionality includes recording:
  • patient demographics,
  • current medications,
  • allergies
  • diagnosis,
  • notes ,
  • e-prescription module and
  • e-labs module.
  • Practice Management. This helps to create users and assign them roles � doctors, nurses, etc. After each login, depending on their role, a workflow is managed, such as managing appointments.
  • Medical Imaging. This gives physicians a 360 �degree patient view, across multiple PACS and EMRs
  • Master Patient Indexing. Systems which are deployed across various places under one organization would require identifying a patient uniquely. So MPI (master patient indexing) is used to refer to this patient. To supplement this, we have prior experiencing in implementing patient duplication module which would search, index and remove the duplicate patients in the system.

Our software services provide a very powerful set of capabilities to automate all aspects of a medical office through EAI connectors to existing systems and slick, new web applications. We are adept at ensuring that data is seamlessly transferred from existing, legacy systems to new system while maintaining the data integrity.

Our experience allows us to design solutions around role based workflows and provided Single Sign On(SSO).

In addition to core technology expertise in server-side and Web 2.0 platforms, we have mastered some of the most popular healthcare standards such as:

  • HL7
  • IHE, and
  • DICOM.

We are open to developing proprietary solutions from ground up for our customers, and also have experience in developing on top of open source project such as Mirth for interoperability and interconnectivity.

We have access to trained resources in the healthcare domain to provide customer support to doctors with their queries regarding the software, licenses and any other product based issues.

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