Where we work

No place that Far

Teleparadigm Networks has its headquarters in the heart of the city of the ‘Nawabs’ (Hyderabad), and additional office space in the city of the ‘Peshwas’ (Pune).


Our proximity of our HQ to public and private transportation facilities and our location in a very friendly and safe area gives our employees the flexibility of working late hours and they are amenable to supporting clients at different time zones globally.

Our Facilities

All offices are fully air-conditioned and have power backup. Security card access is provided to all employees of Teleparadigm with additional restricted areas for members of BOT teams. We are careful to in providing a well-protected, non-disclosure communication between clients and the employees concerned with a given project.

HQ in Hyderabad (a Tier 1 city)

  • Company-owned office space in 7000 sq. ft. of carpet area
  • Specially constructed workspaces for all employees
  • Sound proof conference rooms for discussing and communicating with the clients, as well as team meetings.

Office space in Pune (a Tier II city)

  • Company-owned office space of 4000 sq ft. of carpet area

Each office has been provided with a separate leased 2MBps line for the Internet traffic, with an additional back up line for 24x7 with 99.9% uptime. Separate lines are provided for VOIP.

Also each employee is allocated a separate workstation with the following minimum configuration :

  • Dual Core/ Core 2Duo processor (2.0 GHz)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 120 GB HDD
  • 17” LCD Screens

Our network engineers work around the clock to maintaining 7 hosting servers used for our own purposes, for demonstration purposes, and also for any clientele who want to avail these services.

All our offices have administrators responsible for overall maintenance of facilities such as the office supplies, air-conditioning, janitorial services, and other amenities.

All our offices also can be accessed by employees 24x7 for all 365 days.

Visit Us!!

Some customers, especially those who opted for the BOT model, sent representatives to assist in the incubation of the subsidiary for transferring company culture, project management and talent management. We have hosted such representatives for many months at our office.

As our target market is primarily smaller companies, especially startups, we can arrange your visit to be safe, hygienic, air-conditioned, comfortable, data connected, and efficient.

Our business is writing code, not hospitality. To assist in helping you focus on the business at hand, we can provide a hosting package at cost, which would include:

  • Accommodation (low cost, high quality motel to expensive, five-star),
  • Food (diet specific), and
  • Transport to/from office,

for our visitors.

Given the low cost of living in India, you will be surprised at the cost.

Ask sales for more information, if you are interested.