Work Culture

We have created a work environment where in everyone is a partner and everyone is responsible for what he has to deliver. Everyone is encouraged to be open and free. This allows us to have an informal environment where in transparency and problem solving go hand in hand.

We always encourage employees to help one another and take initiative in helping those who are stuck on a problem. Everyone is important and no one is spared when it comes to having fun or working. We are strong believers in the old saying from the three musketeers �One for all and All for one.�

Our offices are open 24x7 and 365 days. We have seen that people end up being productive at a time of the day in which they are comfortable. As long as the deliverables are on schedule and teamwork is not hampered, we are openly flexible about when employees come and go. We have had people coming in at late evenings just because they are more productive at night. We believe in providing such an environment that people bring out their best perfomance for a successful delivery.

Fun @ work

We like detail-oriented developers and testers. We recognize that it is a stressful job which requires an individual to keep track of many different thoughts in parallel and to remain regimented to produce quality product.

Our belief:

Cheerfulness is a key ingredient in the composition of a stress free healthy life.

From regular parties to celebrating birthdays and supporting an annual cricket tournament, to just playing catch while working hard, we encourage having fun together and using distractions to take a break.