Mobile Applications

Teleparadigm has a 15+ member team with hands-on expertise in developing mobile application requirements.

We have provided services for projects on:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • J2ME
  • Brew

On the iPhone, we have delivered more than 70 small and large projects successfully. Most of these applications are on AppStore/ iTunes Store and some are ranked in the top 10 in their given genre. We also have delivered around 10 applications on Android and Blackberry and a product on J2ME .

The Team

The Mobile Application development team consists of a well-coordinated group of programmers, graphic designers and QA. The team uses Agile development methodologies to verify that design and implementation match customer’s expectations and to give them opportunities to evolve ideas throughout the project. The team is led by an enthusiastic, creative project manager with interests in graphic design and clay modeling. This background helps him produce visually appealing, easy to use user interfaces.

The Work

Typical Life of a mobile application project:

  • Rapid prototyping by graphic designers,
  • Tight iterations with the customer to achieve alignment with what they imagined.
  • Developers design and implement within short demonstrable milestones, followed by QA. QA utilizes thorough manual testing, as well as use of desktop simulators.
  • Each milestone presents an opportunity to get feedback from customers.
  • At the completion of milestones, a final demo and customer approval is sought.
  • If desired, we can publish the product on web stores.

Teleparadigm is open to taking on a variety of projects, and prides itself on having quick learners on its team who will adapt to our customer’s needs – product features and technical requirements.

Below are just a few examples of projects that we have deep experience in:

  • Creating mobile manifestations of websites
  • Games using multiple mobile sensors in tandem
  • eBooks on the Mobile
  • RSS Feed based applications
  • GPS based applications
  • Music and Sound-related applications
  • Mobile applications pulling in data from exposed webservices.

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